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allow me to introduce myself.


Hey what's up I'm Trent! A Jersey born, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer and Social Media Manager.

The ability to fuse my education and experience in digital marketing with my love for photography is the perfect fit for me.

Like any millennial, I needed a creative outlet while I worked at my monotonous job. I had a need to create some form of art and already having done some modeling, photography became the perfect medium. I fell in love with the creative freedom it offered. Now with some years in behind the camera, I find my goal is to capture the essence and emotion of the human experience.


Having been a freelance Social Media Manager for a few years, I have become multi-faceted in all things social media. From strategy and content creation to analyzing insights. My favorite part is learning all about the brands I work with and helping them achieve their goals.

Whether it's making my clients feel and look like they deserve to be on a magazine or giving business owners the sense of relief they've been needing from social media. I'm glad I can deliver an experience worth coming back for. 

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