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5 Restaurant Promotion Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a very special and very busy holiday for restaurants. If you’re still scrambling for simple, yet effective promotional ideas for the lovers holiday, you’ve found the right blog post.


The holiday centered around joy is also very much centered around food. Having a prix fixe menu on Valentine’s Day is a great way to make a stressful night easier on the Chefs and staff. A 3 or 4 course set menu can be much more manageable, as well as easy to promote on social media.

The menu can be posted onto your feed as an image or reel and posted to your story to be saved as a highlight for visitors to see every time they return to your profile.


Whether it’s a complimentary glass of bubbles or a champagne bottle deal, this is a great and effective idea customers are sure to love.

You can promote this through your social media channels and by email marketing.


A giveaway/contest is a surefire way to increase engagement, boost brand awareness, and even attract new customers. Incorporate your giveaway rules to let your followers know how they can enter in order to win the prize. This can be either:

  • A complimentary entree (this will be chosen by the restaurant)

  • A complimentary round of selected cocktails or prosecco

It’s also an excellent opportunity to collect user-generated content, which you can then use for a recap or other future promotions. You can even lead to a landing page to collect emails, which you can then add to your email marketing campaigns.


The best part of dinner is dessert. Offering an exclusive dessert is yet another effective way to upsell a post-dinner treat. Try having more than one type of dessert on the menu to satisfy customers' taste buds.


This one is for the singles! With the holiday moving away from the usual tradition. Having a brunch special is a fun way to celebrate all the singletons. You can even offer a complimentary dessert with their bottomless brunch order.


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