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Optimizing Your Instagram Bio for Restaurants and Bars

An effective and optimized bio for your restaurant and bar is an essential part of your Instagram bio. Making it easy for customers to easily know all the information they need to know and most importantly, quickly make a reservation as soon as they make it onto your IG profile.

Explain What You Do.

This is where you state what kind of restaurant or bar you are. What sort of experience can customers expect? This helps customers make a decision during their customer journey.


Link your beautiful website where customers can make a reservation, view the menus, or just gather more information. Level up with a Linktree, Linkinbio, or Campsite to add additional direct links. These link can lead to:

  • Resy or OpenTable reservation link

  • Your brunch menu

  • Restaurant Week menu


Help customers find where you are by placing your address. You can find that option in “Contact Options” when editing your profile.

Hours of Operation.

Let them know when you’re open. If you serve brunch or have happy hour, add those too. These timeframes help customers plan gatherings with family and/or friends.

Call to Action.

Let your customers know where they can book a reservation or inquire about an event, see the new dinner menu, etc. Whatever it is, direct them to it.

Action Button.

Instagram makes it easy for customers to easily make a reservation or order food through a delivery service such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. You can easily set this up when editing your profile and linking your restaurant/bar information.

Story Highlights

This is the perfect place for user-generated content, press features, holiday promotions, dining experience, speciality cocktails and so much more.


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