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Summer Daze

Drav and I met through Instagram. I was searching for models near me that would be down to collaborate on photoshoots. He loved my work and agreed to do a shoot with me. I was very nervous about DMing strangers who have no idea who I am, but was grateful he replied.

I always wanted to do a beach shoot and created a mood board that really spoke to my mood I created in Pinterest. It took place at Asbury Park Beach because I knew that beach had those giant stones that went out into the ocean. Sort of like a natural dock. The props I incorporated were to a fresh bouquet of flowers from Brooklyn Blooms, mirrors, and a newspaper.

On the shoot day, the weather was not exactly what I wanted. It was an overcast day and was cold while we were onsite. However, the shoot still turned out phenomenal! I am still happy to this day with how the shots came out. I submitted them to some magazines via Kayvar and 3 of them accepted my submission. Summer Goodbyes was officially published in Creators Magazine, Top Posters Men, and 17:23.

For this shoot, I used my Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 24-70mm 2.8L II lens.

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