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Modeling Agencies Outreach

Recently, I did something very brave and reached out to modeling agencies based in New York or New Jersey. This made me anxious and nervous because I still feel like my work isn’t editorial magazine ready, despite already being published in about 5 magazines. But I knew it was time for me to begin working with signed models, putting me on the track to working with magazines and brands.

Last month, I reached out to about 15 modeling agencies. Why so many? Because you never know how many will reply, especially when you’re sending them to the general and much overpopulated email address you find on their website. Creating the “perfect” email I ended up sending to these agencies took some research. Shoutout to Google and YouTube! After crafting that email and having it proofread by a couple friends, I hit send. A frightening, but relieving feeling just having it off my mind finally.

To my surprise, a few of the agencies replied to me…the very next day! I felt so validated at that moment and proud of myself for taking the initiative, whether I was ready or not.

I met with the head of Development Male models and he gave me really great advice and got my mind thinking about my photography career. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, late nights, and networking. It's a bit daunting when I think a lot into it, but I know when I actually put the effort and work in, it’s going to be well worth it. I’m looking forward to seeing my work on billboards (Times Square is the BIG goal). Gotta speak these things into existence right!?

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